Dementia is one of the most devastating, debilitating and destructive diseases of the 21st Century.

There is no cure, however music has proved to be the most effective means of communication for those struggling to live with this appalling disease. ”

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An innovative charity dedicated to improving the quality of life and well-being of those suffering with dementia using interactive musical stimuli to increase their general awareness and self esteem.

Registered Address: The Wesley Centre, Blyth Road, Maltby, South Yorkshire S66 8JD


Registered Charity Number: 1099385  *  Company Limited by Guarantee Number: 4793062

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Musicians are encouraged to stimulate this area of the brain by involving their audience in the use of percussion instruments, clapping in time to the music, dancing or swaying to the rhythm and singing along with familiar songs.

Chris Rae
David Moody

“Help us to keep them smiling by supporting this unique charity, Lost Chord, which does so much to help both people with dementia and the musicians who serve them.”

Says Patron Lesley Garrett


"Every concert is a surprise. Residents always react in ways that are touching, moving, and unpredictable. It's a great way to spend an hour of music making"

The area of the brain associated with musical patterns seems to remain responsive well after the ability to speak has diminished. This may be why someone unable to talk, can sing all the words to a familiar song in the right order.

To see a smile on a face of someone who hasn’t smiled for many months is a very special moment. For a musician who has touched the heart of a person with dementia the joy is incomparable.

Judges Comments: “Lost Chord has an extremely strong clarity of vision and sense of purpose making a real difference in the community. This simple concept has developed into a model which could be replicated across the UK”

All we need is the money!

Nicola Wydenbach

Lost Chord is a charity founded in 1999 which organises interactive musical sessions for people with dementia in residential homes and day centres. Initially it performed in just 10 homes in South Yorkshire, however because of a GSK Impact Award it expanded into Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire with satellite schemes throughout the UK.

Each concert is a unique experience
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“I know from experience how music can reach the confused minds of people with dementia when nothing else can”

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Sir Cliff Richard
Lesley Garrett
Dame Vera Lynn
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21st June 2014
With Lesley Garrett CBE